Accident Management Company VS Insurance Company

Choosing Your Insurance Company When Involved In An Accident

YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR EXCESS UPFRONT – Your insurers will only take on your claim when you make your insurance excess payment which depending on your policy can be hundreds of pounds, your insurer takes this excess even if the accident was not your fault.

YOU MAY LOSE YOUR NO CLAIMS BONUS – In most cases if you have less than 3 years no claims bonus you will not be able to protect them and they will be lost when you make a claim with your insurance company and in a case where your no claims bonus are protected they can be reduced by 2 years due to an accident

YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUM COULD INCREASE – Your insurance premium may increase from 20%-50% regardless of your accident being a fault or non-fault, because you become a higher risk to insure because you will have a claim against your policy

NO COURTESY CAR OR BASIC CAR PROVIDED – If your vehicle is deemed a write-off you will not be entitled to a courtesy car through your insurer, and if it is a repair you will likely be provided a downgraded courtesy car usually being a 1.0 hatchback with a limit of up to 21 days regardless of if your vehicle is not repaired within this timeframe.

REPAIRS MAY NOT BE UP TO MANUFACTURE STANDARDS – Insurance companies work together and their goal is to settle claims as efficiently as possible which means the standards of repairs can be effected. The materials used for repairs such as paint, parts etc can be of low standards due to the cost saving strategy of insurers

YOU WILL BE CHARGED TO NOMINATE YOUR OWN REPAIRER – If you go with your insurance company for a claims and you’d like to have your own repairers carry out the repairs due to the repair centre not being approved by the insurance company they will charge your a further excess which will put you out of pocket further for a accident which may not be your fault.

YOUR VEHICLE MAY BE UNDERVALUED IN THE EVENT OF A WRITE-OFF PAYOUT – Insurance companies can undervalue your vehicle which will then leave you out of pocket, if you decide to contest the offer you will have to pay an independent engineer to value your vehicle out of your pocket. This can be a long and stressful process to get the pay out you deserve.

Choosing 24hrclaims When Involved In An Accident

NO EXCESS TO PAY – We do not charge you your policy excess in order to take on your claim unlike your insurer, this alone can save you hundred of pounds depending on the excess you agreed when purchasing your insurance policy.

KEEP YOUR NO CLAIMS BONUS AND NO INCREASE IN INSURANCE PREMIUM – Your no claims bonus will be unaffected when making a claim with us, your insurance premium will be unaffected from the claim as we claim through the other drivers insurance company directly.

LIKE-FOR-LIKE COURTESY CAR PROVIDED WITHIN HOURS – We provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle regardless of whether your vehicle is a write off or repair. We deliver the vehicle to you anywhere in the UK within hour of case acceptance.

24/7 Recovery And Secure Storage – We recover your vehicle free of charge and keep your damaged vehicle in our secure storage facility for the entire duration of the claim, which leaves you worry free.

Independent Engineers And Approved Repairers – We have our own independent engineers who carry out damage reports on your vehicle which means you are paid the marketing value for your vehicle if deemed a write off and in the event it is a repair we will carry out the repairs to manufacture standard this means we only use manufacture approved parts and paint.

Experienced Claim Handlers And Hassle Free Service – We have a dedicated and experienced team of claims handlers who work around-the-clock to ensure your claim is dealt with to the highest of standards leaving you stress free and mobile through the claims process. Our team handle the paperwork and communication with the other parties insurers on your behalf.


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