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    Request A Call Back For End To End Accident Management Services

    Receive A Call Back From One Of Our Experienced Accident Management File Handlers

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      Have you been involved in a road-traffic collision which was not your fault? We are an independent accident management firm who provide complete accident management services including Courtesy Car, 24/7 Recovery & Secure Storage, Approved Repairs. We take on your entire claim, ensuring you remain stress free and mobile throughout the claims process

      Our expertise and proactive approach allows us to provide high-quality, exemplary accident management service and thus minimising the impact on your life



      A like for like replacement vehicle ensures you can stay mobile and carry out daily tasks without the stress of being without a vehicle

      Your insurance company will not provide a courtesy car similar to your vehicle, you will always be offered a 1.0 hatchback which can have a huge affect on your comfort and necessity

      Often you may not even get a automatic transmission vehicle and can end up with a manual due if you go with your insurance company

      At 24hr Accident Management we provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle to home address anywhere in the UK within hours of case acceptance, we understand you will need a vehicle to get back on road as soon as possible.

      It is your legal entitlement to get a replacement vehicle if you are involved in an accident which was not your fault

      We ensure you have a replacement vehicle for the entire duration of your claim unlike your insurance company who will often have a 21 day cap on any courtesy car

      If your vehicle is deemed a write off or repairable doesn’t effect if you are entitled to a replacement vehicle, we provide you with a car regardless on the other hand if your vehicle is a write off your insurance company will not give you a replacement vehicle

      With 24hr Accident Management you receive an exceptional service

      No excess to pay

      Like for like replacement vehicle 

      Secure storage and recovery 

      Approved Repairs 

      At no cost to you

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      Our accident repair centre specialises in road traffic accident repairs, our technicians are qualified in bodywork repair, paintwork, stripping and fitting. We have all the specialist equipment needed to carry out repairs to the highest of standards

      Your insurance company will use garages which they have contracts with to keep the costs low when you take your claim to them, due to the goal of your insurer being keeping the costs low this means your vehicle may not be repaired to manufacture standards with costs often being cut for parts and paint

      We ensure your vehicle is repaired to factory specifications due to being able to have your vehicle assessed by our independent engineers and producing an estimate to reflect the necessary repairs required

      Give us a call on 02034887877 for the best accident management service

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      We have a dedicated team who deal with accident recovery around the clock, if you are involved in an accident and require accident recovery from the scene of the incident our recovery team are available 24/7 to get your vehicle off the road and into secure storage at our facility

      When you are involved in an accident you do not have to worry about where to leave your vehicle while you are making an insurance claim, this isn’t an issue with us as we will recover you vehicle to our secures storage unit where our in-house engineers will asses the damages and create a damage report which will determine whether your vehicle is repairable or write off

      To start a claim today give us a call on 02034887877

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      Experienced & Professional Team

      We provide a claim management service that takes as much anxiety out of the claim process as possible! We add value by taking a technical hard to understand – process, and simplify it for you to receive well informed & transparent service to ensure your claim is settled as soon as possible. We know what insurers usually require and can advise you of this on day one to enable you to obtain the documents and paperwork required.

      Most Common Quotes...

      Naturally, this is often your first response. However, most big insurers use ‘accident management companies’ to deal with claims. These companies act on behalf of the insurer and are tasked with keeping the insurer’s costs down, rather than getting you your full entitlement. The only way to ensure you get your full pay-out and keep your policy clean is to contact an independent company such as 24hrclaims

      When the other party’s insurer believes the accident was their driver’s fault, They usually offer to handle the claim. This is good, but giving them control over your claim gives them control over your pay-out. This is not in your best interests.

      We are an independent accident management firm, We ensure you have control over your claim and receive the pay-out you deserve!

      No, we make sure your own no claims bonus is not affected in any way. We also make sure your risk profile and premium with your own insurer are unaffected. If you use your own insurer, even when the accident is not your fault, this can still negatively impact your policy and increase your annual premium.



      We provide an end to end claims management service which cover all aspects of an accident from vehicle recovery, secure storage, courtesy cars, approved repairs and compensation. We have an experienced team who are experts in the claims management industry, we pride ourselves in our customer centric approach as prioritise customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to address the unique needs of each client.

      Here's how 24hrclaims works as a leading accident management company in the UK

      1. Initial Contact: When an individual or organisation reaches out to us after an accident by calling our free to call landline on 02034887877, Our team take down the claim details in order to get the claims process started, this includes details about the accident, the nature of the incident, any injuries sustained, and the extent of vehicle damage.
      2. Assessment: We VET the claim based on the information provided and determine the appropriate course of action. This assessment helps them understand the specific needs of our client
      3. Vehicle Storage, Recovery and Repairs: If our clients vehicle is damaged and requires repairs, we arrange for recovery services to transport the vehicle to our secure storage facility where our engineers will assess the damages and produce a estimate for repairs, We carry out insurance approved repairs to ensure that the vehicle is repaired efficiently and according to the insurance company's guidelines.
      4. Replacement Vehicles: We offer replacement vehicles, often referred to as courtesy cars, to our clients while their vehicles are being assessed and repaired. This service ensures that individuals can continue their daily activities without interruption.
      5. Legal Assistance: If legal issues arise from the accident, such as disputes with other parties involved or concerns about liability, we provide access to legal professionals who can offer advice and representation.
      6. Medical Assistance: For clients who sustain injuries in the accident, We have access to medical professionals who can assess injuries, provide treatment recommendations, and document medical reports for insurance claims or legal proceedings.
      7. Documentation and Communication: We handle the documentation and communication required throughout the process. They communicate with insurance companies, legal representatives, and other relevant parties on behalf of our clients
      8. Updates and Support: Throughout the entire process, we keep the our clients informed about the progress and any developments. we offer ongoing support and answer any questions you may have.
      9. Resolution: Our ultimate goal is to help our recover from the accident and resolve any related matters as smoothly as possible. At 24hrclaims your accident problems is our business!

      An accident management company is a business that specialises in providing various services to individuals or organisations who have been involved in road traffic accidents. We are an independent company and do not have any contracts with insurance companies, which allows us to ensure our clients receive the pay-outs they deserve. We offer a range of services aimed at simplifying and streamlining the process of dealing with the aftermath of an accident, which can often be complex and overwhelming. Our primary goal is to assist accident victims in managing the situation more effectively and efficiently.

       An accident management company can be a great way to eliminate the stress of dealing with the paperwork and communication of an accident that wasn't your fault. It can cut out the need for your own insurance companies involvement and provides you with peace of mind that an experienced professional is acting on your behalf.

      The period of time a claims will take to settle will differ depending on the speed of response from the third party insurer and the nature of the road traffic incident this can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months to settle.

      Please call us and our friendly and experienced claim handler will go through the incident with you to determine whether your accident is non-fault

      No! You will not need to pay your policy excess with us. Our team will claim directly through third party insurers therefore you do not need to pay any excess.

      If your vehicle does not drive give us a call and well arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and stored in our secure vehicle storage facility. You can also arrange your own vehicle recovery and recover the costs for you.

      First thing is safety so pull over to a safe place if you are able to do so and make sure if you or anyone else is injured to call an ambulance. Take pictures of the damage on your vehicle and include damage of third party vehicle with registration visible and exchange details with third party driver, Drivers name, DOB, Insurance company, Vehicle reg, vehicle make/model also note down the location, date, time and weather conditions. Finally give us a call and well manage your entire claim from start to finish


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